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Hastings Green Party welcomes co-leader Carla Denyer to town

Green Party co-leader Carla Denyer visited Hastings on February 3-4 to support the party’s campaign for the upcoming local elections.

Carla was elected as co-leader of the Green Party in October 2021, alongside Adrian Ramsay. She is a councillor in Bristol, where the Green Party made huge gains in the May 2021 local elections, and is the parliamentary candidate for the Green Party’s next target seat, Bristol West.

Green Party co-leader visits Hastings

Carla hosted a zoom meeting for members and supporters, as well as meeting candidates for the May 2022 elections. She also spent some time knocking on doors in St Leonards with Hastings Green Party members, listening to the concerns of local residents, and heard about the local campaign for clean seas. She said,

“The Green Party is going from strength to strength. Since 2018 we have more than tripled our number of local councillors elected all over England, from Hastings to Herefordshire and Bristol to Burnley. We are optimistic that 2022 will be another strong year for us.”

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