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Caroline Lucas launches Hastings Green Party election campaign

Caroline Lucas MP visited St Leonards on 19 March to launch Hastings Green Party’s campaign for the 2022 local elections. She met with members and supporters, and spent time door knocking around Central St Leonards, reporting a very positive response on the doorstep.

Caroline talked about the impact a Green presence can have on local councils, giving as an example the ‘Lewes model’, where the Green-led council has co-operated with other local councils to provide home insulation for 40,000 homes, with a focus on social housing.

She said,

“When you elect Greens you get practical policies that make a real difference to people‚Äôs lives…I think [the campaign] is going to be an inspiration right across the south coast, because I know so many people in the party are looking at Hastings and seeing what you’re doing here and feeling really excited.”

Cllr Julia Hilton said,

“It was wonderful to have Caroline here to launch our campaign. We have spoken to hundreds of residents across Hastings and St Leonards over the past few weeks, and will be speaking to many more in the weeks to come. We have heard over and over that people are fed up with politics as usual. People want to be listened to, they want policies which will improve their lives and address the serious issues of our time. Many are telling us that they are going to vote Green for the first time because they feel that we are offering a real and positive change.”