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Hastings Greens to stand in every seat in May 6 elections

Canvassing for the local elections 2018

On May 6, local voters will be going to the polls to elect councillors for Hastings Borough Council and East Sussex County Council.

There are sixteen seats up for re-election at Hastings Borough Council, and eight at East Sussex County Council. Hastings Green Party will be standing candidates in every seat, so every voter in the town will have the opportunity to vote for a progressive Green candidate.

At the last town council elections in 2018, Julia Hilton came within 29 votes of winning a seat from Labour in the Old Hastings ward. Hastings has for many years had a two-party (Labour and Conservative) council, with Labour having a huge majority. We believe it’s time for more diversity on the council, and for the town to have councillors who can make decisions in the best interests of the communities they serve, rather than being told how to vote by their parties. It’s time to have councillors who will demand transparency and accountability from the council. It’s time to vote Green.