We need to stop using poison on our pavements and verges

11 June 2020

Weed sprayer

We demand that the use of glyphosate along Hastings pavements, roadsides and green spaces is banned. We call on East Sussex County Council to immediately stop using glyphosate in these areas, and ask Hastings Borough Council to commit to banning the use of pesticides in our town's green spaces and put pressure on ESCC to stop it's use on pavements and roads. 

Sign our petition here and join 1000 people already calling for change.

Glyphosate is a danger to human and animal health and the current method of spraying from a mini tractor is in any case ineffective against persistent weeds. Any removal of weeds should be delayed until after flowering so insects can benefit from the flowers. The Pesticides Action Network states that over 40 councils have banned the use of Glyphosate. It is time for ESCC to follow suit.

At the same time both councils should make a commitment to the No Mow May campaign  conducted by Plantlife to enhance the biodiversity of our roadside verges except for areas where visibility is essential at for example road junctions.


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