26 November 2017


Scheme would be environmentally damaging and local people don't want it, group says.

Hastings & Rye Green Party has expressed serious concerns about the proposed Hastings Harbour Quarter development, citing environmental damage, the inappropriate size of the development and the lack of benefit to the people of Hastings.

HRGP believes that such a large scale development, consisting of 1,300 homes and a very large marina, is inappropriate for Hastings and could cause serious environmental damage to a sensitive area. The group believes it is likely to lead to a significant increase in traffic, and that the housing would largely be taken by people moving into Hastings, rather than being affordable for local people needing a home.

HRGP members recently canvassed a number of people in the Old Town about the harbour proposal. Many expressed concerns that they had not been consulted about the scheme, and most expressed doubts about the viability of the project and whether the supposed benefits would actually materialise. A large majority of those consulted opposed the project.

Julia Hilton, HRGP spokesperson, said, '"We recognise that Hastings needs good quality investment in affordable housing, community energy, public transport and other facilities for the benefit of local people and visitors, but any development has to be in the right place and on the right scale. It must also provide value for money and be environmentally sustainable, as well as putting the needs of our local community uppermost. At first sight, the current marina proposal does not seem to pass these vital tests and we have serious concerns about whether it is an appropriate development for Hastings. We will be doing further research with a view to making a formal decision on our position within the next month."